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No Great Thing


Executive Produced by Tone Drew of NEOKOZA

No Great Thing


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"No Great Thing," happens suddenly. The full quote where the album title came from expresses a culmination of 2 years of development and growth. A blend of Lo-Fi rap and New School, SunnyHaze does not disappoint with this body work.

Expected release: November 11, 2019

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The Story

“No Great Thing,” was born as a documentary. Tone Drew, of Neo Koza, along with the video team @veff Okinawa supported me on this journey to Tokyo, to sign distribution deal with a company attached to Sony Japan. The documentary went so well we said hey, lets make it an album...We did the album and realized it was a “Lo Fi” project (google Lo Fi Hip Hop). Its a vibe, Sunnyhaze is the supplier.